Publications - Trusts and Estates

Can you cut someone out of your will?
30 June 2022 | David Abricossow
Contesting an Estate
22 December 2021 | David Abricossow
Q&A - Will My Family Trust Still Protect Me?
25 August 2021 | JB Morrison
Keep up to date with your trust gifting
18 February 2021 | Andrew Stewart
Governance of a Māori Land Trust
10 September 2020 | Curtis Bidois
Important Changes to Trust Law - Review Your Trust with Us
16 June 2020 | Helen Nathan
COVID-19 - Signing Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney
23 April 2020 | Natalie Smith
Ending your mirror trusts to create a single family trust
6 April 2020 | Matthew Whimp

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