JB Morrison and SARNZ are thrilled to announce that JB Morrison has joined the SARNZ Partnership group.  In a year that has already seen significant economic change, multiple unprecedented weather events and updates to the law, SARNZ identified a gap in the partner group when it came to trusted legal advice.

Tina Wieczorek (SARNZ CEO) says of the partnership, “In a year where we are seeing the law change across a range of different things that affect business, having a trusted law firm who have the energy, time and expertise in all sectors is really important for our members.” 

Our Expertise


Court action, employment disputes/non-compliance issues, health and safety matters, contractual disputes and issues, and regulatory investigations can be extremely costly and damaging to a business’s reputation. It is critical for members to have access to legal advice and support from professionals who understand the construction industry and the unique challenges it presents.  JB Morrison helps companies to navigate complex legal issues and manage risks effectively, providing guidance on compliance with regulatory requirements, dispute resolution, and best practices for communication and collaboration.  Investing in good legal representation is not only a sound business decision, but it is also crucial to protecting the long-term success and sustainability of scaffolding, access and rigging companies in the industry.

 JB Morrison Employment Partner, Tess von Dadelszen says “We are delighted to partner with SARNZ to support members across the many areas of law in which we practice and specialise.  We have a passion for supporting SMEs and larger organisations to understand the law, and comply with it, while always retaining a focus on pragmatic advice to achieve desired outcomes.  We can also support members in their personal capacity where legal services are needed and/or helpful, for example in relation to conveyancing, wills, trusts and family law matters.”


 JB Morrison are also offering SARNZ members a 30min first call consultation free of charge. Needing advice? Get in touch with the team now:

 Employment and Health and Safety: Tess von Dadelszen

Construction: Jamie Nunns

Commercial: Natalie Smith

Personal: Tessa Doherty

Check out their website at: SARNZ – Scaffolding, Access & Rigging NZ – Quality and Safety Every Time


JB Morrison & SARNZ