JB Morrison’s family law team host free seminars on separation issues and relationship property from time to time throughout the year.

Our next seminar is happening on 24 September – Learn more.

Our family law seminars provide an overview of the laws regarding property division, financial support, parenting and guardianship issues. The Family law team will discuss the practical implications of separation and critical points to be aware of if you’re going through the process.

These seminars offer an opportunity for you to get a fundamental understanding of what’s involved in a separation and gain guidance to start the process with clear and honest communication from the beginning. If you’ve ever had a burning question about the legal issues that can arise or any uncertainty about what separation would involve, this is the perfect opportunity to ask an expert.

Spaces will be limited, so please get in touch early to confirm your spot at one of our upcoming seminars.

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Upcoming Seminars

The family law team will be hosting their next seminar in Wellington and Rotorua in early June.

Separation Issues and Relationship Property

Session 1:

5 June @ 12.00pm
Hosted in the seminar space at our offices on The Terrace in Wellington

Session 2:

14 June @ 12.00pm
Hosted in our Pukuatua Street Offices in Rotorua

To attend a session for this seminar, please email your confirmation to morrison.kent@morrisonkent.com or call 04 472 0020.

More Information:

If you have any questions regarding these family law matters, or about an upcoming seminar, please feel free to contact our family lawyers:

Debbie Dunbar | 04 495 9940 | Debbie.dunbar@morrisonkent.com 
Maretta Twentyman | 04 495 8918 | Maretta.twentyman@morrisonkent.com
Anna Chapman | 04 495 8905 | Anna.chapman@morrisonkent.com
Racheal Allison | 04 495 9949 | Racheal.allison@morrisonkent.com

Family Law Seminar