Many clients come and see us prior to separating for information about the separation process including care of children, financial arrangements and the practical implications of a relationship break-up.  Being fully informed assists with the decision-making process throughout what is an inherently difficult time.

Common queries include:

  • What happens with children when parents live apart;
  • Who remains living in the home;
  • Who pays the bills/how they should be divided;
  • How relationship property division is worked out;
  • Financial support, including child support;
  • Whether a formal written agreement is required;
  • How long the process takes.

In our experience, having these questions answered early on provides some peace of mind and assists clients throughout the process.  If you are considering separating, or have separated and need some advice, we recommend an initial consultation with one of our experts.  We can take you through the above queries as well as any specific questions you may have. 

For further information or to arrange an initial consultation, you can contact our Wellington based family lawyers  Debbie Dunbar, email, phone (04) 495 9940 or Maretta Twentyman, email, phone (04) 495 8918

Not sure what kind of assistance you need? We have a range of practical resources on our website to help point you in the right direction.