Going through a separation is one of life’s most challenging and difficult experiences. As well as dealing with the emotional side of a break-up, property needs to be formally divided, there may be children to consider, and financial support arrangements to work through.

JB Morrison has the expertise to guide you through this process.  The division of relationship property requires an analysis of all assets and debts that either party owns or has an interest in. There are certain formal requirements that must be complied with in order for any agreement dividing relationship property to be binding.  We advise on a variety of separation matters, from complex relationship property issues (involving companies, trusts, complicated valuations) and parenting issues (including childcare arrangements, relocation and guardianship matters), to more straightforward situations.

Following separation, in some situations, one partner may have an obligation to continue supporting the other financially for a time (whether there are children of the relationship or not). It is important to understand whether you have an obligation to pay, or a right to receive such financial support (known as spousal maintenance), as this can have considerable financial implications.  Child support is a separate issue which may also need to be addressed.

If children are involved you may need assistance sorting out childcare arrangements or guardianship matters.  We provide practical advice regarding children and can assist with the family justice processes if you cannot reach an agreement.

For More Information

JB Morrison’s expert family lawyers can assist with all aspects of the separation process.  We listen to your needs, explain the law and legal processes in plain language and consider practical solutions to achieve the best outcome for you.  We aim to help clients resolve their matters outside of court; if that is not possible, we have the expertise to represent clients throughout the court process also.

If you would like any further information or advice on separation, you can contact one of our family lawyers:

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