Who was “JB Morrison” and what’s behind the name change?

The “Morrison” in the firm name of Morrison Kent belonged to John Bentley Morrison, ONZM, a highly respected and well-loved Wellington commercial lawyer who practised law in Wellington from the 1950s until his death in 2012.  To most within the firm and to many clients, he was simply “JBM.”

In deciding to change the firm’s name to “JB Morrison” we pay tribute to JBM and recognise the huge impact he had on the firm, and on many lawyers and other legal staff who worked with him, over a period of more than 50 years.

John Morrison joined the Wellington law firm of Hardie Boys, Scott and Haldane in 1955 at the suggestion of his close friend, Michael Hardie Boys (later Sir Michael).  Michael’s father, Reginald Hardie Boys, established the practice in 1924, and Michael joined him at the firm in 1954. John became a partner of the firm on 1 April 1957 and the firm was re-named Hardie Boys, Scott and Morrison.  “Morrison” has remained a part of the firm’s name ever since.

JBM retired as a partner in 1996, the year the firm name became Morrison Kent, but he continued to work as a consultant until 2003, and then simply retained an office within the firm, to keep his connection with staff and clients, until his death in 2012.

He was a man who was always on the go, but retained his feet firmly planted on the ground and was dedicated to serving his clients and his community in the best possible way.

The firm is proud of its association with JB Morrison, and with the wider Morrison Family.  We recognise his legacy in the law and the community, and aspire to provide service to our clients with the same dedication and care that he displayed over his lifetime.


JB Morrison